Roti / Chapati Conveyor Belt

Roti Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

We are the largest Roti Conveyor Belt manufacturer in India, offering the best quality product, and specialized conveyor belts for roti making, designed to meet the unique requirements of roti production lines. Our conveyor belts ensure smooth and hygienic transportation of rotis throughout the manufacturing process, that helps you maintain high levels of productivity and efficiency. It has outstanding non-stick properties which makes it easier to use. With food-grade materials and precision engineering, our roti conveyor belts provide the reliability and performance you need for seamless roti production at the most affordable rates.

~  Outstanding non-stick properties

~  High tensile & tear strength

~  Unique electrical insulation properties

~  Dimensionally Stable
~  Resistance to most chemicals and solvents
~  Non Flammable


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